2001 Pathfinder, O2 sensor and ECU programming required?

I recent had two oxygen sensor replaced on my pathfinder 2001 by Brakes Plus, 600 dollars later they told me to take it to Nissan dealer to have ECU reprogrammed since this is upgraded Nissan part. I called 3 Nissan dealers and each quoted additional $126 to do the work, but when asked if its neccessary, I got 3 different answers. Please help to clearify.

Currently, no engine light on and car runs great, no hesitation or skip during idle.

Before repair, “Service Engine Soon” (amber) light was on and little skip during idle.

Currently has 163K and kept regular maintenance.

I’m wondering what 3 answers you got.

If it were me, and the truck had no problem, then I’d just drive on. Don’t fix it if it ain’t broke…

But this is not the advice of an expert either. I am curious about what the 3 answers were.

There’s no reason to have the computer reprogrammed when the O2 sensors are replaced. The O2 sensors produce their own voltage. As long as the computer recieves these voltage signals everything is good to go.