02 passat ac out, help please!



I have a 2002 VW passat glx 4-motion with A/C problem. I have sent it back to dealer to repair for 3 times. At first they replaced the blown fuse and it worked for a few days. And then they replaced AC control module with diagnose as no communication; It worked for about a week while the temperature was around 60F. And then it stopped working for it’s hot (about 80F). So they replaced the blown fuse again and it worked for about two weeks. Now it’s broken again for the same reason – too hot with a temperature about 80F. I have noticed that everytime the A/C stopped working, the trip odometer or tachometer become fuzzier or darker immediately, however, it will resume clear in the morning even though the ac is still broken. And cruise control buttons and volumn adjusting buttons on the wheel doesn’t work either. Neither the garage door opener memory key works. I need to repair it again. Could you give me any suggestions?

Thanks a lot!!!


Look at what that fuse is protecting, that could be the problem. Also look at the wiring from the fuse to what it protects to see if there is a wining problem causing a short.

When a fuse blows, there is a remote chance that the fuse is at fault, but far more likely the fuse is just doing its job to protect. Something down the line is using too much power. That could be a short or a defective part, like a failing motor.