2001 Oldsmobile Alero won't turn over

My 2001 Oldsmobile Alero will crank but won’t turn over.

1 year ago (exactly to the day) I had the exact same issue and the dealership replaced the Ignition Lock Switch and it has since worked fine for a year.

Could it possibly be the exact same problem??

You would think not but most is possible. Has your car be subjected to the Delco battery postive terminal acid leakage problem? What happens is acid leaks out of the postive terminal and causes all types of trouble.

Inspect grounds (some are in battery box) investigate how far down the circuit you can still get B+ and it would really help if we knew if it was possible to “bridge” the starter solenoid and cause the car to crank over.

We will work this out but you can’t say “will crank but not turn over” Its OK many people do it (as cranking and “turn over” are the same thing).

If my typing is off (more than usual) it is because I had a spinal fusion and am in bed and it hurts like h***.