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2001 Mitsubishi Galant ES 3L V6

Hi, I looked at a 2001 Mitsu Galant ES 3L V6 with 116K miles on the clock. It starts and runs well, 2nd owner and the price is very affordable ($3k obo) I plan to take it to a mechanic next but am very interested in what the folks on this forum have to say about this car.

Not known for reliability but if well maintained might not be a bad car. Make sure you know when the timing belt was changed and when is it due. There is a time and miles limit, whichever comes 1st.
Also check for oil leaks. The mechanic check is smart. Also talk them down on price. Not high on the resale value and depending on why they are offloading it you might get a decent deal-or not.

The mileage is very decent for a 2001 year model car but there are a number of Recalls out on this vehicle. These Recalls can all be performed (if not already) at any Mitsu dealer free of charge.

There are 2 areas of concern.
One would be a thorough inspection of the suspension components with special emphasis on the front ball joints and the rear steering knuckle bushings. (Don’t ask me why Mitsu calls a part on the rear a steering knuckle. No idea.)

The other would be the timing belt/tensioners/water pump job. This is something that you do NOT rely on anyone’s word as to whether it has been done or not. If receipts are not available to prove it has been replaced then it should automatically be assumed it needs to be done, as in now.
If the belt, etc, has never been changed then it’s by sheer luck it hasn’t snapped and damaged the engine already as the belt would now be 11 years old.

Thanks for the comments. much appreciated. Luv cartalk!