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2001 GALANT Idle

About 3 months ago I threw the timing belt on my 2001 Mits Galant ES 2.4L 4cyl. I replaced the belt and 8 valves; costed me a pretty penny. Since that time I was having Idle problems. The Throttle assembly with the Idle Control valve was replaced. I have Cruise control. The car was started, it warmed up and then shut off. attempts to keep car running on its own have failed. IS it a programming problem? Is it the computer? No codes are returned. What do you think?

Compression in each cylinder?

Did you replace the parts yourself or have it done?
If you had it done, the shop you took it to needs to diagnose the cause.

If you did it yourself, you have a few items to go back over.
Check the compression. My bet is that your canshaft(s) is(are) not properly timed.

Where’s your crank sensor? If it’s in front of the engine, could it have gotten damaged during the timing belt chenge?