2001 Mitsa., Eclips

I have a 2001 Mitsa.Eclips,6 cyclinders. I had trouble to start it. I changed all plugs and wires. Now, it would not cranck the shaft. I jumped it from a truck; still not luck. What is the problem? Thanks

Was it running normally prior to the no-start condition?
How many miles/kilometers are on the odometer?
Is the Check Engine Light illuminated?
Have you tried tapping on the starter?

Thanks for your response.
Yes it was running OK.
134000 miles
Yes it (Check Engine Light)was on.
No. I have not. I will after this.

You need to tell a much better story about the car, its condition & maintenance history, and what all actually happened leading up to this.

FYI: if your battery was run down quite a bit it sometimes takes a while with jumper cables connected before anything happens. But you should probably also pull all the connections at the battery and starter and clean them all up and snug them back down.