2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse injectors

Car is flodoing while running. Got the car it had multiple misfire code. Replaced plugs and wires and also replaced fuel pump because the original was bad. Fuel that was in the tank was horrid, so for good measure I replaced the injectors, twice! After the first replacement, which was rebuilt injectors, it starter flodoing while running. So replaced those with brand new, non refurbished injectors. Still flooding while rinning and throwing multiple misfire code p0300. Tried the forum for this specific generation and nobody has given any clue as to the cause. It’s a 01 eclipse spyder gt 3.0L v6.

Locate the fuel pressure regulator.


Remove the vacuum line from the regulator.

If gas leaks out of this connection, the diaphragm in the regulator has ruptured, and uncontrolled gas is entering the engine.

Replace the regulator.