2001 mercury sable LS headache

New update on my vehicle: Glad I didn’t get too excited. A little while ago it started to give me a difficult time accelerating, slowed/stopped on its own. Began shaking around 45-50mph. The issues I originally mentioned in my opening post.

I’m beginning to think those issue are related to my brakes/wheels. I just don’t understand why the issue would be intermittent instead of constant. If it counts for anything, I started to smell what I believe is melting plastic.

Did everyone stop caring? :frowning:

You think it might be the brakes? Well, that’s possible. Brake components can lock up, or the rubber hoses can collapse. Maybe check the temperature of the wheels immediately after a lengthy drive, esp a drive that has this symptom. Careful, as one or more might be very hot. Let us know what you find.

I decided to bring the car back to the mechanic that did the flywheel/starter replacement. They needed to look at the error code issues that came up after I got the car from them anyway. I told them about the issues stated here and what I already fixed. He suggested I could be having a caliper issue. I’ll keep you guys posted.

This is probably the last update on the issues. Evidently, one of my calipers were locking up. As the caliper got hotter, it would start expanding and then was forcing pressure onto my brake and rotor. It apparently burnt them up. This is what I was given to show the total work needed.

Thanks for the update. It is appreciated.

Hopefully this is the end of my issues for a long time. I need this car to last me a bit longer until I can get back on my feet.