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2001 mercury cougar bigger motor V6

Blown head gasket, is there a bigger motor that would fit in this car? just finished fixing up the cars outside then little sister wasn’t watching temp gauge. have a northstar v8 in excellent condition. anyway i could have fun by putting in this little thing? or something bigger then the v6 thats in it. this might sound crazy but i got a ton of time to burn this winter

There might be a 3L Ford v6 that would fit. A junkyard might be able to help see if one would work. As for the Northstar v8, you’d need to redo everything, and would not be able to get it inspected, but it would keep you occupied…

How about a supercharger?

The 3.0L DOHC Duratec might fit. But the smart thing to do would be to find an engine from an SVT Contour. It’s a warmed over version of the 2.5L V6 that’ in the car. You’ll spend easily more than the car is worth trying to get the Northstar V8 to work, you would literally need new everything, a new transmission, new fuel system, new accessories, a custom exhaust, new CV joints, and a one-off custom ECU tune and of course a truly heroic amount of custom fabrication to get everything to work. In short it’s an asinine idea :slight_smile:

Earlier Cougars with right wheel drive would be a reasonable project. These are feeble wheel drive, correct?