2001 Mazda Tribute - repair estimate for torque converter

car stuck in neutral, needs Torque converter silinoid clutch to valve. What is estimated repair cost with labor from a repair shop. Is it work purchasing for 600.00

Only a repair shop can give you a price . It all depends on just what is wrong and what shop does it . And if you are thinking of furnishing the parts forget it. You furnish parts and the shop does not have to give any warranty on the parts . Just don’t use one of the chain type places for this ( such as AAMCO ).

Edit : Does ( Is it work ( worth ? ) purchasing for $600.00 mean you are thinking of buying this thing ? If so I say No because it could have a lot more wrong with it than just needing a complete transmission.


If the owner of the vehicle told you this, walk away.




The torque converter clutch is not a factor when shifting into drive, it is only used in higher gears to save fuel. That transmission needs an overhaul.


If you need a “repair shop” to do the work for you, it is not worth buying project vehicles, period. If you were capable of doing the work yourself, swapping out the transaxle with a used one from a junkyard, it might make sense to buy this SUV, but I’d still bargain the price down to $450 or so. Scrap value is less than $300, so that’s a 50% premium over what a junkyard would pay for this non-drivable SUV.

Agreed; someone is fudging the truth a bit. Paying 600 dollars for a 21 year old Mazda with a hokey story would not be a good move.
Odds are someone told this seller the trans was wiped and they’re trying to play dumb; a not uncommon tactic when someone wants to unload junk.

If the car was clean both in and out I’d give 200 bucks for it and that’s only because I have the ability to fix it myself.


The OP can count this as one more vote for walking away from this very-flawed 20 year old vehicle.


I’ve had a few transmission overhauls and never has just a converter been replaced. When converters go, so they tell me, debris is spread through the trans making an overhaul necessary.