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2001 Mazda Tribute Conundrum

I have a 01’ Tribute 3.0 6 Cyl with 215k miles. It ran perfect for about 13k miles after we bought it. Had a misfire, that got bad quick and we ended up replacing all 3 catalytic converters along with the O2s, plugs, wires and egr valve. It ran ok for a bit, then started to misfire bad again. So we swapped out all the fuel injectors, plugs and wires again. Now the misfire is gone but it’s running rich. Its throwing P1132 and P1152 for codes which indicates O2 sensor needs to be replaced. We’ve checked the air filter, MAF, and for vaccum leaks around the sensor all seem to be in working order. Should I just go ahead and pull the O2 sensor? Or is there something else I can check?

Do a compression check, then fuel trims check.

Compression test has been done already. It was completely normal. I’m not sure about the fuel trim though.
But you already knew that.
Is the O2 sensor new enough to still be under warranty?

We’ve moved out of the area since it’s been done. So unfortunately were out of luck in that department.

It started “bucking” this morning in a heavy snow storm so were possibly back to the MAF malfunctioning. I’m going to a pick and pull later to grab one one off a junker to see if that changes anything.