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2001 Mazda B2600 - What tire pressure

I want to know the tyre pressure of my car, am not sure.

There will be a plaque some where on your vehicle usually on the drivers door jamb that will have that . If you can’t find it any tire shop will know what the pressure is and most will do it for free.

It is listed on the door jam. It will look like this.

That information is usually in the door jamb, as mentioned above, or in your owner’s manual. Note that this is the cold pressure, meaning that you measure it during the coldest part of the day when you haven’t yet driven on the tires. If you measure it in a garage where it’s warmer, we can tell you how to compensate for that.


That label (commonly called the tire placard) was mandated on the doorframe on cars in the US starting in 2008. Not only is the vehicle too old to use that label, but the OP is likely not in the US (spelling of the word tire). Plus the pressure is specified for only the tire sizes listed on the placard

Prior to 2008 (and after 1970 or so), a placard was required, but the format and location was unspecified. It could have been located on one of the doors or doorframes, in the glovebox, on the fuel filler door or on the underside of the trunk lid. While it was not required internationally, it was common to use the same placard regardless of where the vehicle was sold.

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I also saw the word ’ tyre ’ and the age of the vehicle is why I suggested going to a tire store . At least their guess would be close enough.

This website might help for non US Mazdas

You just have to pick the model.

Ed B.