2001 Mazda 626 Leaking Radiator

Just had my car radiator pressurized as small amount of coolant was noticed on the driveway. Mechanic told me it needs new radiator. The job was priced out at over $500. Was told this radiator had plastic seams that was leaking and that could not be repaired and must be replaced. Any other options ? Was thinking of trading car in soon but don’t want to drive it if dangerous

If the radiator is leaking, it needs a new one. $500 seems kind of high for a radiator only, are you sure this $500 did not include a few other things? Shop around for a price you like, but get it fixed because if you overheat more damage can be done.

I agree with everything in Xeba’s post except perhaps the price. Shop around for sure, but if that includes installation it may not be far off. By the time one gets done fooling with the tranny cooler, the AC condenser, the electric fan shroud, and all the other stuff it can be a lot of work to change out a radiator in a FWD vehicle.