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Radiator Leak

We have a 2006 Dodge Caravan, the coolant was low, I refilled and noticed what looks like deposits from the coolant where it might have leaked out.
It is on the radiator itself.
Now the level is dropping again, I see a very small amount of it on the driveway
Would the radiator need to be replaced? Can it be patched?
Any idea how much that might cost?

It sounds as though you need a new radiator. Most radiators aren’t patched any more. Radiator shops used to replace the core and braze the old tank to the new core, but I don’t see it done much anymore. I think you are looking at several hundred dollars.

Some parts stores will loan you tools. The first thing I would recommend doing is pressure testing the cooling system to pinpoint exactly where it’s coming from before just assuming it’s a radiator. Might just be a bad hose.

First, pressure test the cooling system to see exactly were it’s leaking. Then, fix the leak…If it’s a plastic-tank radiator, you just buy a new one…