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2001 Malibu Question

2001 chevy malibu, 115,000 miles, blower fan for ac is operating intermittently, blows full force sometimes or hardly at all other times, any advice for cause?

Bonus loaded question- cost of repair

Poor connection at the blower motor? Its right under the glove box - you might have to pull a trim panel - but stick your head down there, pull the plug, inspect & clean.

Are You The Original Owner ?
Has It Always Behaved This Way Or Is This Something New ?
Does It Have “Automatic Air Conditioning” (Blower Speed Has Automatic Position) ?

Bonus loaded question - Have you consulted your Owner’s Manual for proper A/C operation ?


could be something such a leaves got sucked into the ducting. Could be the AC door is flapping around loose. could be a poor connection in the wires.

Im not the original owner, problem developed recently. The blower has positions of 1-5 settings, and have consulted the owners manual and checked the fuses.

Replaced many.many HVAC control heads over this, but I had the luxury of “stubbubg” in parts to test with. I never paid attention to the price the customer paid, just the amount of time I “flagged”.

I remembered something that happened with many GM HVAC control heads and the inability to change fan speed and it was pretty simple, the knobs would lose a grip on the speed change switch shaft, the fix, new knob, happened many times.