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2001 malibu noise in front end

I own a 2001 Chevy malibu, 116,000 miles on it. There is a noise coming from the front when i drive, kinda of like a jet engine taking off from a landing pad. What is your best guess on which part could be bad in the front- bearing, tie rods, axles, shocks? Any help is appreciated.

Intake leak?

what kind of intake? I dont see any fluid coming out of the car.

Does the noise get louder the faster the car goes? Is there any change in the noise when making a left or right curve?

My guess at this time is a bad wheel bearing unknown which side.

Sounds like a wheel bearing to me. The noise should change pitch/growl when moving steering side to side slightly at 30-40 mph or so.

How about a bearing in the alternator or some debris in the serpentine belt or even the belt tensioner". The “jet engine” like noise is what I am concentrating on and this does not say to me “wheel bearing” as they growl or moan, espically with force from the side (as in an abrupt movement of the steering wheel).

The noise is more like a moan or a growl, and does get louder with speed-especiallly around 35 mph, and the noise gets worse when making right turns. From what you guys said im thinking wheel bearing. Whats a decent price to pay for wheel bearing repair?