2001 Jetta wont come out of park

I went thru a car wash and my car would not come out of park, and the EPC light on the dash came on. I had it towed home and spk to a VW mechanic that told me to check the sensor going to the transmission it might have water in it. It did, I left it unplugged for a few hours put it back in and had no problem. Two weeks later it would not go into gear again but it was dry out. Unplugged it and plugged it back in car goes into gear again. What could be causeing this

Your sensor (or just its connector) was/is being corroded by the water that got into it at the car wash. You may end up having the replace the sensor and/or the connector to it on your wiring harness. I would first try cleaning the connector contacts with a good electrical contact cleaner. Then put lots of dielectric grease on/in the connector. The grease may prevent it from getting wet in the future.

Yes we dried it and blew it out with the air compressor and the second time it happened it was dry and 90 degrees out, that is what makes no sense to me. Since this car has so many sensors I have been having an issue calling to get a price on the part…do you know what the name of the sensor is?