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08 Jetta is turning itself off - and my mechanic can't seem to diagnose the core problem

Driving to work, no problems (except for my horn which had stopped working a few weeks ago, and was blowing fuses) when my 2008 VW Jetta…just died. I think I heard a “thunk”, like I ran over something, but that was maybe just a coincidence? Speedometer went down to 0, no “check engines” lights, electronics (radio, windows, sunroof) stayed on. Would not turn over at all - just silence. Tow truck driver turned it right on 45 minutes later and drove it on to the truck.

Towed to the mechanic and it took them about two days to replicate the problem. No codes were coming up so they had to wait until it happened again.
They replaced the crankshaft sensor and power supply relay, charged me for everything but when I went to get in the car - it was dead.

8 days on and they still don’t seem to know what is going on.
And the stress is doubled-down at this point because how I’m being treated. One of the mechanics keeps making jokes about how I’m “silly” for having a Volkswagen (ugh, there appears to be gender stuff going on, which totally bums me out) and has suggested that I just “buy a Honda. A pink one, even”. Right.

I’m at a loss and need help.
Does any of the mechanical issues ring a bell for anyone? Thoughts on possible directions?

And at what point do you pull the plug and get it towed to a specialty shop / dealership? I’m in about $300 bucks at this point. I have never doubted this auto shop before; I have been going there for almost 20 years. But this is all sitting with me badly.

I think you hit the, get it towed out there mark when he suggested the Pink Honda… What an a $$… Dont put up with that, its time to go…

I am sorry I cant help you, with your problem… But its time for a new shop because this one obviously does not know how to fix it… PS I would tell the owner how you were treated, I am sure he will not be happy.

I an not a Volkswagen mechanic so we get that clear upfront.? Them changing the power supply relay would have me suspecting that you have an intermittent connection to the engine controllers main power circuit. A fuse terminal connector or a pin contact in the actual harness at the engine controller could have the electronics shutting off while being vibrated. The fact it just died and the speedometer just went to zero also points this way.

What type of roads do you drive and what are the miles on the car? These conditions both play into how to handle the repair.

I spoke with the owner of the shop and he put another mechanic on it - and apparently the problem was MICE. They had eaten a hefty chunk of the wires in the engine, and there was a rather sizable nest.

Anyone know if any of that should have been evident when the initial repair was done - when the crankshaft sensor and power supply relay were replaced?

Perhaps, perhaps not. A lot depends on where the nest was. I’m inclined to think it should have been.

But there was absolutely no excuse for the way you were treated. You might want to consider filing a formal complaint with the Consumer Affairs Office of your state Attorney General Office. Even if it resolves nothing, it might make you feel better, Or maybe I’m suggesting it because it would make ME feel better! I hate hearing of someone being “talked down to”.