'00 VW Jetta whirring sound on startup

I have a '00 VW Jetta with more miles than I can count (but a new engine, thanks to a JiffyLube faux pas). Each time I start the car, just after the engine catches there is a “whirring” sound - like a belt slipping. The car starts just fine, and runs normally. Anything I should worry about?


Try and isolate the noise for us.

Stand by the open engine compartment while you have an assistant start the engine.

The ‘whirring’ sound may not be a slipping belt as those usually squeal.

There is a slight possibility the starter (Bendix) gear is hanging up.

If the noise is consistent and you don’t find the noise source right away, have your assistant re-start the engine a few times only, letting the starter rest (cool off) for 10 to 15 minutes after the third try, before trying again.

Post back what happens, ok?