2001 Impala Stalls

I have an '01 Impala, 3.8 engine with 200k miles. Whenever the engine idles, at a stop, or in a parking spot, the idle will drop, then the car will stall. It will start right back up, but unless you are actively pressing the accelerator, the same thing occurs. There’s no sputtering or performance issues, and nothing to indicate that it’s about to stall. I’ve replaced the IAC valve, AND the EGR valve. Still having the same issue. Any thoughts? Getting a little desperate here!

MAF could be either bad or needs cleaning. Is it throwing any codes?

Last time I checked, there were 4 codes, 3 of them EGR related. I can’t recall the 4th. Since I changed the EGR today, I’m going to take it and have codes checked again.


Did you clean the throttle body?

Do you hear any obvious vacuum leaks?

I believe there’s an IAC reset procedure, which can be performed with a scan tool . . . NOT a code reader

Please post all the codes, before you have them cleared

Changed the EGR, and had codes run again. I’m at work so I don’t have them with me, but there were four again. I believe 2 or 3 were MAF related and 1 was catalytic converter related. I’ll post the actual codes tonight when I get him. I have cleaned the MAF, but that was after the codes were run. Still having the same issue.

I have cleaned the throttle body, but have NOT done the IAC reset. I was unaware this was necessary. Here’s what I have right now. p0107 MAP sensor circuit low voltage, p0108 MAP circuit high input. As stated earlier, the EGR no longer seems to be an issue, but the problems persist. Will replacing the MAP sensor resolve the above issues? I appreciate all the help guys.