2001 hyundai tiburon gas tank

Every time my boyfriend and I go to fill up his gas tank it acts as though the tank is full when it is emptyand only lets little bits of gas in at the time. What could be in there or be causing this problem

The problem is most likey with the Onboard Refueling Vapor Recovery system.

How this works is, as gas is being dispensed into the gas tank, it forces air into the gas tank. This air then forces the fuel vapors into the carbon canister where it’s collected to be burned once the engine is restarted. Once the vapors are collected the gas tank vents to the atmophere. If any part of this system becomes restricted the gas tank isn’t able to vent, so the gas pump keeps shutting off.

Bring the vehicle in, and ask that the ORVR system be inspected for a restriction. And if they tell you that spiders have built nests in the system causing this problem, don’t be surprised.


Have you been in the habit of squeezing in as much gas as possible when you fill it up. Check your owner’s manual and the glove box and the filler lid. It may warn you not to top off. That will cause the king of things Tester is talking about.