Options for odyssey

We have a 02 odyssey with 102,000 miles. The engine light went on and mechanic said needs new transmission ($3,800-4,500) and needs 105,000 mile maintenance ($1,100). Do we trade in and get new truck (don’t have a car payment now) or fix van or lease for 2 years and save money for new truck?

Please list any symptoms aside from the fact that the engine light went on. Does the car not shift to the next gear as it used to, does it not move, etc.? If the car operates as it always did, by which I mean the car shifts gears as it always has, at around the same rpm’s you have been accustomed to, then I would guess you need a new mechanic.
And by the way, exactly what work is promised and performed at 110,000 miles to justify an $1,100 maintenance charge? If it doesn’t involve changing the water pump and timing belt, you are being ripped off. Your owner’s manual will have the maintenance schedule for every scheduled check-up and maintenance. Most often at 110,00 or so miles a lot of the big ticket costs have already been done. This guy sounds like a huge crook.
At 110,000 miles your transmission should be fine, unless you like to light up the tires or spin them for five minutes every time it snows to get it up your driveway. Get a second opinion as to why your engine light is on. If you are near an AutoZone, visit it and ask to have your car diagnosed. They will not likely be able to pinpoint the exact part(s) that need to be replaced, but can tell you the general type or source of your problem.
Finally, even if your transmission is shot, you should have been given three options to fix the problem: 1)replace the part with a brand new transmission (which only might come even close to costing you $3,000 installed if your mechanic was not a crook); 2) a rebuilt tranny, maybe about $1500. or 3)a junk yard used transmission which might run as much as $1,200 installed.

Odysseys of this era did have issues with the transmissions. Some of them would be on their fifth or sixth transmission by the time they hit 100,000 miles. From what I have heard about them, they are virtually impossible to rebuild successfully. For these reasons, if you do indeed need a new transmission, you should go with a new transmission rather than a rebuilt or salvage transmission. On the same subject, there is no such diagnostic code as “replace transmission.” You should definitely get a second opinion on this one, preferably from a reputable, independent transmission specialty shop. I would recommend against chain transmission shops like Lee Myles, Mr Transmission, AAMCO (All Automatics Must Come Out?) and the like.