Should we fix our Honda or get a new one?

Our 2001 Honda Odyssey has 151,000 miles, needs a new transmission, spark plugs, and fix the loose engine mount, plus 2 new tires for a grand total of $5500. Should we fix it or buy a new Honda Odyssey?

What shape is the vehicle in overall? If it’s still solid it would be much less expensive to repair it than to replace it.

$5,500 is a lot less than $35,000.

Is it due for a timing belt any time soon? You might want to add that cost to your estimate?

Is this quote from a dealer? If so, get a second estimate from an independent mechanic (not a chain shop).

Ed B.

All these items, except the transmission, are items normally occurring on any car.

As stated, if the rest of the car is OK, I would go ahead and fix everything, and then religiously maintain the transmission from then on. With proper and timely fluid changes, these transmissions should last twice as long.

However the transmission is a normal occurrence for Honda Accord/Odyssey’s of that era.

This is not a car question, this is a money question, right? Financially, can you do EITHER of these things without pain??

These transmissions are notorious for failing. Get rid of it ASAP and buy a used 2005 model or newer Odyssey to get away from the lousy transmissions.

If you fix it, shop around for a much lower price. You don’t need to go to a Honda dealer.