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2001 Honda Civic

My wife has a 2001 Hoda Civic with 106,000 miles. She recently had the cluctch replace and a few weeks after that she has transmission ptoblems - noisy, difficult shifting, etc. Could the cluctch work beeen done improperly and screwed up the transmission?

yes, but there are other possibilities. could be defective replacement parts that appeared good to the mechanic but failed shortly after installation. Could be an associated part failed after the work was done, such as the master or slave cylinder that was ok but old when the work was done. You will need to take to a different service place to have it evaluated to determine what is wrong.

My inclination would be to bring it back…pronto…and let them look at it. It could easily be an installation problem, and it’ll need to be corrected before it causes other problems. If the assembly was not aligned and bolted in properly it could case unnecessary stresses on the tranny input shaft.