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Transmission issues: honda civics 2001 = lemons?

So I’m buying my first car after surviving for 28 years without one. I found a 2001 Honda Civic in my price range (that of a poor person), but my research showed that civic from this year are notorious for destroyed transmissions. Here’s an example of the info I’ve been seeing: http://www…lure.shtml

Per the listing, the transmission on the car of interest was replaced in 2008 and has otherwise been free of mechanical problems. My question is: does replacement of transmission actually solve this issue, or is it going to plague the car for however long it’s on the road? Right now the car is at 144k.

I’ve read of owners who went through two transmissions in a short period of time, so maybe there’s a wrong way to fix it and a right way? I don’t know, because I’m an idiot when it comes to cars. Any insight would be appreciated.


I don’t really know for sure, but if you drive sedately, and change the fluid every 30,000 miles you should be OK.

Even cars that are not perfect can lead a long life in the hands of a dedicated owner.

Whatever you do, I would not try to tow a trailer with this car.

Of course complete replacement of the transmission is going to be the most recommended and completed procedure. Most mechanics would not attempt to rebuild, repair or even attempt to diagnose a transmission problem. Why should they?
But in any case, if you are poor, buy a Toyota Corolla instead. I recently replaced my nephew’s brakes (2002 Honda Civic 50015 miles) and I literally had to shatter the rusted, stuck -on- the- axles rotors wih a heavy hammmer to remove them. I shouldn’t have even been able to that, ever. But I did, because the steel was that bad.
I own and have owned Corollas. Trust me, it is the right old car for you, even if you have to pay a little more than an old Honda.

If the new transmission really is new, it will be fine. If it is rebuilt, it is subject to how well the job was done. The transmission was replaced about 2 years ago. Does it shift well in all gears? If so, it’s probably OK. Get a pre-purchase inspection from a mechanic you trust and see what the car needs.

Thanks everyone for your input. Very helpful.

The Honda and Acura 5 speed transmissions had an oil jet that had to be installed. Some were retro-fitted and production models were altered. After that issue was resolved, it appears that the main issues revolved around pressure switches for 3rd and 4th gear. These can be replaced from outside the trans.

Honda made awful automatic transmissions in the beginning of the 2000’s. Despite that false belief that Honda’s last a long time without repairs, that last like any vehicle if the owner is willing to pay for big repairs and maintain them.

Fortunately yours has failed already and typically the failure part was discovered and revised.

Make sure the other Honda ticking timebomb(timing belt) has been performed. Otherwise you are in a rude awakening for a $2000+ repair bill.