2001 Honda Accord Sdn - Fix or Sell?

My 2001 Accord is having trouble. Check Engine light on for 3rd time this year. Needs new Spark Plugs and has a crack in Radiator, as well as needing new brakes. The car has 190,000 miles. I’ve saved up and have the cash to buy a used car, thinking about 2010-2012 Accord. Should I fix it and try to keep squeezing as much life out of the 01 Accord as I can? Or should I cut my losses and sell it broken for whatever I can get and go ahead and move on to the next Accord?

If it were me, I’d trade the car in on a newer used Accord. You won’t get much for the car if you trade it, but you won’t get much if you fix it and sell it either.


Newer than 2010?

The items you list are not too major out of unusual expenses, brakes and plugs are something you might have to do to a used car you buy. The radiator should not be too painful. I am not sure how a breakdown would affect your regular life. You probably have more things coming up in the future. Might be time to bite the bullet and go for new, but get an inspection done, on both cars and see where you land.

If you can do the repairs yourself, it’s cheaper to keep a car running and drive it into the ground. If you’re paying someone else to do the repairs, then it’s time to look for a newer vehicle.