2001 Ford Windstar


I have to let it warm up for about 10 minutes to get rid of the squeaking that is at my water pump and then the vehicle loses power in a jerking way when driving. It stalls sometimes when I am warming is up.

I checked and cleaned the intake butterfly and the IAC unit. A forum technician stated that the water pump may need to be replaced but it is not related to the jerking. He stated that I need to replace this unit. Do I need to do this and is there anything that I am missing?


sounds like the bearings in the water pump are going out and when they lock up the motor is going to either shut off or the pulley on the front of the water pump will break off.i had a a/c compressor lock up on my vehicle one time stopped me in a intersection and i couldn’t go anywhere until i cut the belt off the a/c compressor.


If the water pump is indeed on its way out, not only will you lose power, your engine will also lose its ability to pump coolant around, and therefore overheat. I would take it to a decent independant mechanic and let him/her look and see what else may be wrong.


This is the best information that I have received because sometimes the car runs fine with no squeaking. Other times, I would just be sitting idle and it stops. Only in the morning. So I agree that once the bearings warm up, the noise stops.

Thank you for the information!


Thanks for the information! I will definitely do that as soon as I can. I do not want to break down or overheat!