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2001 Ford Windstar AC control switch

my windtstar ac control switch is stuck on defrost mode on all the settings…i want to get the air on me not the wiindshield…can anyone give advice???

You most likely have a disconnected vacuum hose, or a big vacuum leak in the AC control system.

Is the switch really stuck in the defrost position or can you move the switch and the air flow does not change. Tardis’ advice responds to the latter. If the switch is stuck, you will just have to take the switch or control panel out and fiddle with it. If you can 't free it up, you will have buy an new one. You could try to spray some electronics cleaner on it.

It sounds to me like you have a mode selector lever that is stuck not a switch. Not knowing the Windstar at all I can only state what I have seen make other mode selectors stick and that is a binding cable or a lever that has come off or even a cable housing that has become detached.

Perhaps you system is vacuum or electricaly controled but that would not explain why you cant move the lever,a cable problem would.

Let me know if I am off the mark when I conclude that you are saying you can’t move the lever, just not no reaction when you move the lever.

Typicaly a vacuum system defaults to defrost when it has a vacuum leak but you are not describing a system that operates correctly then defaults to defrost under engine load.