2001 Ford Tempo air filter

Just bought Ford Taurus 2001. What is the cheapest and latest air filter that I can use? Make and part #, please, am not finding accurate info anywhere else.
Also, what Power Steering fluid do I need?

This is not a major item, it is just an air filter that cab be bought at WalMart or any parts store. Same goes for the fluids , the parts store will have a choice for you.

My 2003 Taurus recommends

Power steering fluid: Mercon ATF.

Air filter for 3.0 Vulcan V6 and 3.0 DOHC V6 - FA-1683 A parts store can cross reference this number to a Purolater, Fram, or store brand filter.

You can download an Owner’s Manual from this link.

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Why does your question title say “Tempo”? Confusing.

Do you have a TEMPO or a TAURUS? They are very different cars with different engines. As other say, air filters for the engine of either are cheap and readily available.

If you cannot explain what you need to the sales clerk, just take him or her outside and show the car.

Thank You!!

Having a wrong heading on those transplanted Car Complaints site is to be expected . All that one can hope for is that they are not so poorly written that you might have an idea what they are asking.

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