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2001 Ford Taurus: how serious is emission control light?

84K miles. Emission Control System problem indicator light has come on. Car has been running fine. First opportunity for diagnostic check coming up this Monday. How serious is this? Should I worry? Anything easy (besides gas cap) I can check on my own?

Do you mean the Check Engine Light?

If it is flashing, don’t drive the car. That is serious. Anything else is a guess. Worry is up to you, we can’t help with that.

If it just lit, check to see if the gas cap is tight. That’s about all you can do without knowing the error codes that set off the light.

This particular Taurus has a particular warning symbol . . . which depicts a fuel filler cap

Sounds like the pcm has detected a problem with the evap system

Mustang, no it’s not the check engine, which I thought when it first came on. It is the Emission Control System indicator light.