2001 Ford Taurus headlights flicker, push in on knob and they magically go out!

When I turn my lights on they occasionally flicker out so I have to mess with the knob to make them come on. I noticed if I press on it they will go out so long as I hold it down. These lights are supposed to go on and off when I TURN the knob, not push or pull on it. Also, I don’t know if this is related, but my brake light sensor used to occasionally flicker on when I mainly made right turns. I also swear one night my radio and air controls flickered. But then, maybe I am going crazy, if you read the other problem I have with my car right now that could explain my likelihood for being mentally messed up in some way…

A replacement light switch will most likely fix the problem. The lights that glow for the A/C controls and the radio backlights are controlled by this switch when the lights are on, but a bad switch will cause all kinds of havoc with these lights.

Knobs are known for that.