2001 Ford Ranger - worth fixing the AC?



Our nonprofit has a 2001 Ford Ranger (about 150K mi.) that gradually lost cooling in the A/C system after multiple refills. A reputable shop in town said it was not worth fixing A/C on this old of a truck.
Can you tell me if it’s worth fixing this truck, or should I sell it as is and put the money toward a dependable make/model?


It is impossible to for us, or that reputable shop, to make that decision for you. Get a 3 quotes to fix the AC. Compare the cheapest to the cost of a new truck (or newer used truck). Which one is higher? If the AC repair is higher (it won’t be!) then buy a newer truck. Or don’t fix the AC and just roll down the windows and sweat.

The options aren’t that complicated. If you put X dollars into repairing a truck that is only worth 2X, you still have a working truck with AC.

We don’t know your needs or your budget, only you know that.


Much depends on exactly what is leaking

An ac compressor can typically be replaced quite cheaply, while replacing an evaporator involves more work and the labor might cost more than the part


@db4690 @Mustangman in another Ask Someone thread the OP also indicated his nonprofit also has a 91 F150 with low fuel pressure and a bad starter…I’m wondering if the OP’s nonprofit actually needs both trucks or if they should pick one of them and sell the other one…(given that we know next to nothing about these trucks other than what’s wrong with them nor what they’re utilized for, I’d say keep the 01 since it’s newer…)

@Dan52 if you could come back and give us some more information, that would be great!