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1991 Ford F150 worth fixing?

Our nonprofit has a 1991 F-150 w/ dual fuel-tanks (164K mi.) which a friend inspected (he works on his own trucks & Fords) said has a bad starter and very low fuel pressure.
Can you tell me if it’s even worth fixing this old truck?

What kind of shape is the rest of the truck? What do you use the truck for? Have you priced out how much it would be to purchase a new or newer used truck to do whatever it is that you use this truck for?

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A trusted shop here had spark after the coil was replaced and had to remove the distributor a few times to adjust the timing. Once they were able to get the engine running they found that the timing chain had to of jumped time. The engine was also very low on oil and the engine knocking. Basically the fact that the timing has jumped and the engine is knocking means that the engine will need to be replaced. They say the truck is not worth fixing.

I like vehicles of that era, with the advantages of electronic computer controlled fuel injection, but light on the weirdness of modern vehicles, such as likely no abs, no stability control, no power windows and doorlocks, no complicated evap system, no complicated obd II diagnostic system, simple hvac configuration, etc. So if this were my decision I’d make it on the basis of how rust free the bodywork is and whether it was an automatic or manual transmission . If the bodywork was ok and it had a manual trans, I’d either have the engine rebuilt or install a used one from a junkyard. Rusty body or an automatic trans, I’d probably junk it.

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