2001 Ford Focus Signaling system problems

My signal lights don’t shut off like they should after I have completed a turn.

I bought a replacement – not returnable – signaling switch unit from Ford for $75.00 CDN. I installed it like Chilton said I should and the signal lights still don’t shut off after completing a turn.

What gives? Any ideas?


Next is what they call the “clock spring”. It’s the spinning contact to connect steering wheel commands, cruise and air bag, but also has the second lever that touches the turs signal switch to torn it off as the steering wheel turns. Ford # YS4Z-14A664-CA $60.40

Thanks ken green.

Sounds right. It is probably going to be a hopeless battle, but I will try to exchange the signal module for the clock spring; I might even let them install it if they give me a full refund for the module.

I am new to CarTalk on the net. It is a great site!

Thanks again,