2001 ford focus sem wagon

I have a 2001 ford focus se wagon w/2.o zertex engine,3 week’s ago my key fob for my alarm stopped working along with my power door locks, after checking fuse in fuse box (all), it still doesn’t work, what can i do.

Have you checked the small battery in the key fob? I’ve seen testers at Autozone that check it for signal. The battery is replaceable.

The battery in the fob is almost certainly the issue (didn’t know Autozone had testers - great to know - thanks BK)

Complete info on it & dealing with the battery is in your owner’s manual.

And you can buy a new battery almost anywhere. It’ll be a commonly available lithium-ion battery.

Do your lock/unlock buttons on the door work?
If so, the responses about the fob battery are probably correct.
If not, then it isn’t the fob battery.