2001 Ford Focus Oil Leak Disaster

Okay, here we go again lol

I got a 2001 Ford Focus Zetec that’s been leaking oil from top, the valve gasket has been changed due to leak & leak stopped, Also timing belt was changed.
Engine was cleaned so & so to see if any leaks kept happening from top or bottom & didnt (this was a month ago)
Another problem was that when the AC was turned on, for about let’s say 5 minutes, you could see Smoke coming out from the vents & smelled bad…

& Car seem to overheat if the AC wasn’t on (must be faulty fans)

2 days ago vehicle was driven & when it arrived to its destination, there was a bunch of oil all over the serpentine belt, power steering pump, basically all the passenger side was of the engine was soaked in oil… checked the oil level on dipstick and showed a little, but the vehicle can still turn on properly.

Still haven’t checked the vehicle where it’s leaking but I wanted to see if any of you bros has heard something like this.

Thanks again :metal:t2:

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you have to clean off the spilled oil to start. Unless the leak is extremely obvious, you have to start there. Get it topped off with oil, get it cleaned, drive it til it warms up, and then park it and look. Leave the engine running, and see where it is coming from. Oil

In the meantime, I think you need to stop buying Fords. :joy:


Might be a power steering leak rather than an oil leak if its on the belt. Pretty hard to see what’s going on from here though.

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I think we should be even more specific

OP should stop buying very early Ford Focuses :smirk:


See I thought so too but the power steering fluid level is fine, it’s not leaking power steering lol

I’m learning my mistakes from buying crappy cars from auctions lol

Make sure the engine oil filler cap is screwed on securely.


They were not in the auction because they were good vehicles.

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Just when I was starting to consider buying a Ford for the first time in my life.

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This is an 01 bro, 170k Miles. a brand new vehicle obviously won’t give problems like this lol

I may need to stop buying from public & more dealer auctions lol

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The nice thing about forums is that anyone can give advice even when not asked for. Here is mine.
You have asked for help for 3 vehicles in a short time. I will assume you have the dealers license and insurance coverage. I do think you need to find a partner who has good mechanical ability to help you avoid the ones that will cost you money and ones that can make up for the ones that will cost you no matter how careful you are.


Hey Hey HEY! Waddaya mean stop buying Fords! My Fords have been great cars! :smile:

But none have been 170,000 mile Focuses (Foci??)

Lemme hazard a guess. This engine has totally worn out rings, builds LOTS of crankcase pressure and the crankcase evap system (PCV ect) is totally overwhelmed. The pressure is blowing the oil past the front seal and anywhere else it can. I had this problem on a turbo Saab when a check valve on the evap system stopped “checking” and allowed the turbo to pressurize the crankcase. Pushed oil out the front seal and ALL over the engine.


I have the same car and it just started doing the exact same thing only its not over heating im trying to diagnose it myself.

You might start a new post instead of adding to one that is 6 years old but you didn’t know that. The year of the post is in the upper right corner.


Post your problem in a new post with as much info as you can… make, model, year, miles, engine size, transmission type and symptoms.