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2001 Ford F-150 leaks oil

Truck is leaking oil…have been told tht motor needs to be removed in order to fix it…what is the going rate for work. I don’t want to be ripped .

Your location makes a difference in cost where ever that is . You just get estimates and then decide . Also you did not say where the leak is or how much it leaks .

Varies widely by geographic area. Where I am in a suburb of Philadelphia, it’s usually around $105 per flat rate hour.

That usually means the rear main seal.


Before spending big money on a 20 year old truck, I’d add this to the engine oil.

Worked on the sons Jeep and my Honda.


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Had a 2003, manufacturing defect, particles left in the head caused oil to leak on the manifold, tsb but no repair. Put in a plate to redirect the oil so I would not get smogged out by fumes while sitting in the cab. Not sure if it is the same issue for yours.