Expensive Fix Oil Leak Engine Lift

We have an oil leak that requires the repair person to have to lift our engine out of our Ford Ranger to repair the leak. This could be costly due to the amount of labor time.

Has any one else had this situation?

What year and how many miles? If it’s a slow leak and the ranger is old and not worth much, I’d just keep topping it off.

Have you tried the ‘high milage’ oils that are out there? I understand they have additives to swell seals slightly, reducing leaks (maybe). What is your leak?

This is probably for the replacement of the oil pan seal, or the oil pan itself. Please define “costly” with a number. If you plan to keep the vehicle for a long time, it might be worth fixing. What is the year and odometer reading of this Ranger?

It’s a 1999 with 153,000. The leak is no longer slow. We have tried the ‘high milage’ oils and they have not helped. It is the gasket that needs replacing and we’re getting estimates of $900.

Thanks for your help everyone.

Is the rest of the vehicle in good shape? If so, I would get the repair done. You might shop around to see if you can find a better price, but $900 sounds about right to me.

Thanks. Yes it is in good shape. We will shop around. Thanks.

What shop did you go to because we had the same exact problems but they’re asking for a big price of $3000 at shells service shop?

  1. You replied to an 11 year old post

  2. You cannot compare Ford repair costs to BMW costs, not even in the same galaxy. BMW’s are expensive to repair. Shop around for an independent shop to get

I don’t see that @Amarion mentioned a model anywhere in their post…(although you’re definitely not wrong in what you say!)

@Amarion started his/her own thread in which he/she stated, “So we went to shells to see how much it would cost to fix the oil leaks of my bmw, they said it would be $3000”. So, Steve was correct in regard to the make of car with the oil leak.


ahh hadn’t read down that far yet :slight_smile:

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Is it dripping on the ground? Is it making the oil level go down?
If not I’d wait until it gets worse.
I wouldn’t pay $3000 because of seepage.

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By Shells do you mean a Shell gas station? If so, you might take any diagnosis with a grain of salt. While in high school I worked part time in a gas station and very briefly at another after graduation. The first was reputable; the second was a den of thieves and I got “laid off” after a couple of weeks because I refused to screw everyone who entered the lot to death.

Someone just needed a radiator cap? Nope; they needed all hoses, belts, thermostat, water pump, and quite often a radiator also. They would have fit right in with the 60 MInutes shock absorber scam going on at gas stations in Georgia.

The most expensive oil leak I can think of would be a rear main seal which requires pulling the engine but that should not run 3 grand.
You might provide make/model/year/miles of your vehicle along with the reason (or alleged reason) for the oil leak. That might help clear things up a bit.

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