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2001 Ford F-150 - Heat coil trouble

How to avoid replacing heat coil on Ford 150

What heat coil?? What problem are you having?

Maybe you mean “Heater Core”
If you don’t mind not having heat, you can by-pass the heater core.

The problem is that water or some other liquid is leaking on passenger side, underneath the vehicle and on the right into passenger floorboard.

It is my nephew’s vehicle. He was told by someone he knows the heater coil needs to be replaced.

Heater core is the right term. Sorry.

Your nephew needs to get this fixed . Without a heater core he will not have heat to keep the windshield clear this winter . Providing this someone actually knows that is the problem and not the air conditioner drain clogged up.

If the heater core is leaking, he must be adding coolant to the radiator.
If he’s not having to add coolant, it’s not the heater core.

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There is also a possibility the ac condensation is draining inside the truck, rather draining underneath the truck

This would be the case if the ac condensation drain tube is clogged

That’s easy- Just don’t do anything.

Assuming you mean the heater core- just learn to live with the mold, the nasty smell, and the lack of heat- and make sure your nephew is keeping the coolant level topped off.
You can block off the heater hoses to the core, bypass it, or get it fixed properly. The first two options won’t allow the truck to have interior heat anymore, the last one will.

Get a pro opinion on this matter, to verify that the heater core is indeed leaking.