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1998 Ford F150 Leaking Heater Core

My dad gave me one of his trucks this weekend. The heater core is leaking in the truck and he said he was quoted $700 to replace it. He also said I could just bypass the heater. I don’t have $700 and won’t have the money for awhile. My question is this: How much should I pay to have the heater bypassed and will it cause any problems later when I can afford to have the heater core replaced? Thanks :slight_smile:

That’s like your basic simple crap job for $50 or less. They just pull the hoses off and put a pipe between them with the two clamps you already have or two new ones. Or they can plug both hoses if they want to.

Can I run the a/c if they plug the hoses? Sorry if that is a dumb question. I know nothing about repairing cars.

Yes,AC will not be affected.