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2001 Ford Explorer Sport Lift and Support Points?

Just got it (a replacement for that stupid Caravan some of you might remember me battling with) and it’s in overall excellent shape, but need to fix that saggy rear end Explorers are so famous for. Stuck my head under her backside and realized (maybe this is just because I’ve never owned an SUV or truck) that I just don’t see anywhere that sticks out as an obvious place to put the jack, or to put the jack stands, either. I thought under the axle tubes, but I’m not sure that’s supportive enough to hold the weight, and I’d rather a center point that lifts the rear uniformly, if possible. Maybe I just couldn’t slide under far enough to see something behind the differential? And the step sides kept me from being able to see under from the side. Ideas?

Also, that back end sags more on one side than the other. Is the leaf spring just flatter on that side, or should I be checking/replacing something else, in addition?

Place the floor jack under the rear differential and raise the vehicle.

Place a jack stand beneath each axle tube on the rear diff, and lower the vehicle onto the jack stands.


I’ve heard that you don’t want to lift from the differential because you could cause a leak… does the smaller size of the Explorer Sport make that less of a risk?

Here’s a link to a whole bunch of sites that offer owners manuals for 2001 Ford Explorers. The lift points will be in the owner’s manual.’s+&sk=SC2&sc=3-26&sp=3&cvid=58ae871e8acd49a49a6dfce957e022f3

Regarding that lean, you need to get that checked ASAP. If you have a busted spring or shackle or whatever this thing just might roll over on you. If it’s leaning, assume it doesn’t have a safe level of support until you find out the cause.