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2001 Ford Escort - need cheap tools to clean MAF

I want to clean my mass air flow sensor but i don’t have the safety torque tools to get to the sensor. Where can you buy these for real cheap? Very annoying that they manufacturer couldn’t use standard screws…so annoying.

Harbor Freight

Hmm, i didn’t see it on their website. Do you know the official name of the tool perhaps?

Torx is the official name

Ahh, I’m getting closer and see that I need a Torx Security Drill Bit Tip Set. Thanks so much.

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You might consider this from harbor freight, - Item#62657, 100 P.C. security bit set. Note, handle NOT included.
I have this set, granted only for home use, but it handles just about any screw driving need I have.

I think he may be talking about Security Torx bits.

As shown in the bottom row in the posting By @Purebred

Harbor freight is probably the cheapest.