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2001 Ford Escape 3.0L V6 2 Blown EGR Valves

I was recently up in the mountain camping when I noticed that going up the mountain I was losing power and speed with the pedal floored. I was at about 2500 rpm doing 15 mph. I then heard a loud rush of air coming from the engine. I noticed that there was a hole in my EGR valve. I replaced the valve and told by the mechanic i still didnt have any power. He told me i had a clogged exhaust system. which I came to find out is 3 cat conv. Front and rear manifolds and a rear main under the car. Does anyone know if this is a do it yourself job because the mechanic is charging me $2000 to fix the problem but I can buy the parts for just over $1000.

I read on here about other people who have had the same problem but no one said anything about changing all three. It makes sense cause if one cat conv breaks loose then it could clog the others.

Please help Im desperate to save my baby but not for my arm or my leg.

Have you looked under the Escape to judge the difficulty?

I have looked and the manifolds looks easy just bolt on but its the other cat conv thats looks difficult. I am not sure if the rear cat just comes out or i have to wield it

All the parts i have found say direct fit with no cutting or welding required but I am not sure how this works. Plus I am not sure If i have to replace everything from the manifolds all the way to the tail pipe.