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Dpfe sensor hose blowing off when acceleration occurs


I just had both manifold cats replaced and the egr valve which blew a hole thru the side of it and I replaced the hoses and the dpfe sensor due to the dealer said the 2 front cats were pluged this is what happened before cats were fixed the dpfe sensor blowing off and melting then the egr blew a hole in the side on my way to the garage and I also replace the fluid sensor for the master cyclinder res because it looked broke and my brakes werent working right either now that all this was fixed 3 days ago I drove it to the store this am 1/4 of a mile and the dpfe hose blew off again what is going on does anyone know? ford says I should have the fuel pressure checked?

I would suspect that there is a restriction in the exhaust.

To add to Rod Knox’s comment about a possible restriction in the exhaust, if your converters were broken up internally, a piece of them could have ended up stuck in a pipe or inside the muffler, resulting in the same condition you were trying to fix.

as far as I know they did not break up anything internally they put 2 new cats on the manifold and left the 1 under the car on and same with muffler? do you think the cat under esacpe also should have been replaced? is it possible for all 3 cats to be bad at the same time?

When catalytic conveters go bad, sometimes they burn up and the internal grid crumbles into chunks. These chunks can travel down the exhaust pipe and clog up the downstream cats and/or the muffler and/or the pipes themselves.

I have a history on this one. Oh, yes I do.

On my Escape, I absolutely believe a clogged rear cat ruined one manifold. When you were driving this, under wide-open throttle, did the engine get to about 5,000 rpm and then refuse to upshift until you backed off the throttle – and then shift very harshly? If so, I’d say there’s a 90% chance you have a clogged main cat. Since you already replaced the manifolds – an extremely expensive job – you should replace the rear cat, or else the back-pressure (at least, this is my theory) will cause your manifolds to get very hot, and crack again.

In CA, we are mandated to use the OE parts. We have no choice – no one makes a CARB-approved cat for these cars. What year is this car? On our 2002 with 155k miles, if I was told we had to replace two manifolds and a cat, I wouldn’t do it. I’d try to sell it to someone not in CA for about $1,000. They’d fix it for $1,000, and have a good car for 50k miles. But for us in CA, this is a $2,500 job. This car is no longer worth $2,500.

Very possible I have an idea to check and see if it the rear cat that needs to be replaced now being a girl and all I am flying so low here so lets see what you think if I disconnect the exhaust pipe from the main cat(s) and start the car and rev the gas to see if the egr pressure sensor hoses blow off and if they do then it is not a rear cat problem correct and if they dont then it is a rear cat and maybe a muffler too what do you think I am trying to trouble shoot myself I just put a large amount into this with no result and back to where I was at the begining when this started happening so tell me your thoughts it does have 149K on it but no payment so I have to expect some expense but this is crazy to be back to square 1

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What should be checked is the manifold vacuum, not the fuel pressure.