2003 ford escape blown out egr valve

Hello everyone. I found you guys buy looking up my issue on google. There were a few people here who exactly the same problem, but I never saw where the solution was found.
This happened on the way to church Sunday morning. Got in cranked up and headed out. Car would not accelerate beyond 40mph and would not shift gears. Drove like this for a few miles and as some others have stated…there sounded like an explosion and then whistling and spewing of air. I pulled over think it was a a radiator or hose issue. Didn’t know anything about an EGR valve…NOT a mechanic. Drove the car back home. Like others have stated…after it blew…then the car drove just fine. Daughters boyfriend identified the problem. Bought a new valve and installed. Got out on the highway and had exactly the same problem …would not accelerate beyond 40 or change gears. Then within 3 miles the EGR valve blew again and then the car drove fine. Needless to say I will NOT be putting on another valve…as that’s not my core problem.
I was wondering if any of the other Escape owners had determined the cause of the blown valves? At this point, I’m just hoping I can last long enough to buy another car. But I would like to know what type of issue I’m dealing with and how expensive it will be to fix.

If “blowing out” the EGR valve helps your car to accelerate, that would lead me to believe you have a plugged catalytic converter.

Did the Check Engine light come on before the EGR valve blew up?

If so the problem is with a plugged catalytic converter. This would explain the lack of power from the engine and the back-pressure blowing up the EGR valve.

I’ve seen two Escapes blow up the EGR valve because of plugged catalytic converters.


May we assume the check engine light is . . . or was . . . on?

You have one or more catalytic converters that are plugged up.

Has your car had the engine light on recently? How did it run previous to the EGR valve melting? Are you current on all your maintenance?