2001 Dodge Ram V8 oil Sludge

My 2001 Dodge Ram V8 pickup’s oil quickly sudges up and the oil pressure drops to 0, some times in a few hundred miles. It never goes over 2000 miles befor loosing oil pressure.

I am told that this is a known problem with this engine. Is there any help from Dodge Motor company? What have you heard?

What have other owners done to solve this problem? My mechanic says to get rid of it.

I have heard of this problem before but not to this extent. I suggest you go to www.auto-rx.com and purchase their product. After the engine is cleaned out then you may be able to avoid the problem using synthetic oil.

I have not heard of this problem, and I spend a lot of time on a Chrysler-specific forum.

How are you fixing the problem when it occurs? Have you owned the truck since it was new?

I highly recommend you get to the bottom of the problem. Running the engine to the point of no oil pressure will kill it.

I would drop the oil pan and clean it out. Then use synthetic oil if you are not using it already.

My son has been using the my truck for about the last 5 years. He has been having the problem. Hehas now been employed long enough and lucky enough to get a good deal on a car of his own. Now the problem is mine. I took the Dodge to the dealer when it first happend. The Dealer changed the full pump, the pump filter and cleaned a connecting tube. Later it started to happen again. I tolded him to have it flushed and filled with “Mobil One”. He said he did for a couple of oil changes. When the oil pressure would drop to 0 he would pull off of the road wait for a time and the oil presure would return. Since them he went to using Valvoline. He had a profesional flush and oil change befor returning the truck to me.
My plan is to flush the oil again with Gunk oil flush, fill with Amsoil, and run the truck for a 1,000 miles if I can while checking oil color. Then I plan to repeat several times while streching the mileage to a normal period. by this time I hope to switch to a less expensive synthetic.

As background info, how often did your son change the oil and what oil did he put in? Your problem is, indeed, a strange one, and I’ve never heard of this type of vehicle having routine sludge problems.