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Dodge dakota trouble

I was recently stuck in a ditch the other day. I put my truck in 4 wheel low. I first tried goin real slow and got a little frustrated and ended up pegging the gas. I did get unstuck but not a a price. once out of the ditch i realized that my oil pressure had fell to zero and started driving home. it started making some noises which sounded like a rod knock. but it wasn’t as deep of a sound as ive heard before. the engine wasn’t gettin oil. could i have burned up the oil pump by usin four low improperly? Its in the shop now but they haven’t given me a definite answer on what the problem is. I did recently do an oil change and possibly that could have gummed up the filter but im just not sure.

i realized that my oil pressure had fell to zero and started driving home.

I hope you have learned that you don’t run the engine with no oil pressure. It is usually a vary expensive lesson.

I don't think the problem was due to the way you got out of the ditch, but rather some possible damage to an oil line getting into the ditch.  

At this point I would suggest having it towed to your mechanic.

Sounds like an engine rebuild to me:)

No matter what happened, you destroyed the engine. A cell phone could have saved you a lot of money.

You probably damaged the oil pan when you went into the ditch. As everyone is saying, you turned a $100 repair into a $2500 repair by ignoring your manual and continuing to drive.

i didnt drive far i was only a half mile from my house. i had it towed to the shop. it did start making noise tho. the engine never siezed. and it still ran. do you still think there is going to be a engine rebuild involved. if so i have a 4.7 liter with no miles on it from the factory that they put in the ram sports along with a transmission and transfer case that has been sitting in my dads shop. that should make my regular cab with the 6 foot bed fly.

Remember the commercial for a Subaru or Suzuki that said “go farther”, and at the end it said “too farrrr”? Although it is possible to go a half mile without apparent damage, it isn’t good to drive it. The main bearings are made of SOFT metal.

Your crank and con rod bearings are what took the hit.

They are hydrodynamic bearings, meaning that the bearing is actually the oil. No oil means metal-on-metal and the journals are quickly destroyed.

If the engine never siezed and still ran when towed to the shop will some parts of the engine still be destroyed? If i get the oil into the engine will the noise go away without problems?

Running the engine without oil or oil pressure destroys engine bearings. That’s what causes the knock. Whether it seized or not, the knock means that the bearings are destroyed. Putting oil on a destroyed bearing makes an oily bearing, but it doesn’t make it a good bearing.