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2001 dodge neon

My brother thought I was crazy to buy a Neon, but it was all I could afford at the time. Now 200,000+ miles later, I don’t think I made such a bad decision. I have a 5-speed and just now it is having trouble. It started this summer on our way to the river for a cool refreshing swim on a very hot day… it sputtered and the warning dinger dinged and we thought it probably needed an oil change. It was a little low on oil and after the oil change it was OK for a short while. Then the car has these little hiccups. While driving along the car actually stalls and restarts. If this little hiccup happens while starting it may refuse to start at all and then you open the door, open the hood, try again and it starts… no problem. Everytime this happens the “dinger” rings 5 times. We had a slipping belt and my husband tightened that so it doesn’t squeal now. The hiccups have changed pattern to only when I start the car up. “Dinger” rings 5 times and then the engine light comes on, car starts and that’s it. I think my poor car is trying to tell me something. Just not sure what it is.