2001 Dodge Durango over heating

2001 Dodge Durango start over heating all of a sudden it has 177000 miles. Took it to auto mechanic had system flushed and pressure tested, replaced Radiator,Thermostat, Radiator Cap,Fan clutch,Coolant Temperature sensor, Water pump, secondary Auxiliary water pump. After parts were replace (bled air out of system each time) and the truck is still overheating. ( IT ONLY OVER HEAT WHEN DRIVING ) When at idle in park no over heating. The overflow tank keep filling up causing the truck to over heat. The Electric Fan Work fine, I even turn AC on while driving to try to keep it from over heating ,temp still goes up 3/4 of the way before I turn vehicle off. I let the vehicle cool and drain coolant from overflow tank. I can only drive about 1\2 an hour before it start over heating.

Any help is greatly appreciated thanks

Sounds like you may have a blown head gasket or a cracked block

Does the coolant look like coffee?

Does the oil look like coolant got in there?

No the coolant doesn’t look like coffee the oil is clear no coolant in oil

I have taken it to 2 different Mechanic shops and they are sure that I do not have a blown gasket or crack head