Trusty ol' Durango gettin fussy


  • 2003 Dodge durango

    - 105,000 miles

    - no major tunups EVER

    - always scheduled maintenance (oil changes)


    Truck tends to over heat just a little as I’m idling (in a drive through, hot day traffic, etc). When it get a little heated, the transmission doesn’t shift out of first very nicely. The engine revvs pretty high before it grandually idles down.

    What say ye all??


You’re overdue for spark plug replacement, for one thing. Have you checked your coolant level? Has IT ever been replaced? How about transmission fluid and filter replacement?


no, no, no and no… I considered it all. thought maybe a replaced thermostat would be most helpfel first. not too sure.


For th extra $5 I’d be inclined to change the T-stat when I changed the coolant to fresh stuff…which never hurts.


Everything I mentioned (as well as many more things) are ALL scheduled maintenance. Start with cooling system maintenance, including a new thermostat, and transmission fluid and filter change. The cooling system check should include (carefully) cleaning the bugs, leaves, and other debris from the front of the a/c condenser (it’s in front of the radiator) and the functioning of the fan clutch. Then get to the rest of the stuff pronto. Fuel is expensive and a Durango is thirsty under the best of circumstances; lack of maintenance can increase that thirst significantly.


It’s time to open that owner’s manual and catch up on all the maintenance that has not been done. ALL OF IT.

Yea, I would replace the thermostat, but I would also flush the system at the same time. You are do for a coolant change.